What to do if you feel powerless in the face of fear-creating news?

Destroy Fear with Love – Spread Love over the whole planet!

I am not accepting it anymore to be brainwashed with negativity that creates fear. I will actively do something against it. And I want to invite you to do the same and join me.

We’re exposed to fear from so many directions … fear from burglaries and crimes being fought with more police presence and more laws … fear from drugs being fought with the war against drugs … fear from cancer being fought with the war against cancer … fear from terrorism being fought with the war against terrorism … fear of having no money, but hey the bank and their credits can help you … fear of having no job, but hey an expensive University study will make sure you’ll work well in the system … fear of disease being fought with more and more vaccinations and legal drugs … fear of cavities being fought with fluoridation in water … fear from a nuclear war … fear from natural disasters, got plenty of them at the moment …..

And all this is being brought to us by the media via news, newspapers, magazines, radio, facebook and more. All this is produced to brainwash us and to keep us in fear. We’re all being enslaved to this fear! If we live in fear we can’t see what’s really going on and we are not able to live our life to it’s full potential.

Who’s behind creating all this is another big story and I don’t want to get into this, as I don’t want to give this any more energy.

You know what? The grass that we water will always be greener than the grass that we don’t water. Basically when we give energy to something it will grow and multiply. Simple physics.

What can we do?

Quite simple, start with not giving this fear and anything creating fear in you any energy, any power.

Stop watching and reading the mainstream media and the fear – creating news. Stop engaging in all the negativity that will just cause more fear.

Choose something that will destroy fear and that gives fear no chance. Choose love and spread love . For yourself, your family and friends. For people you meet during your day. But don’t stop there. Choose love for the whole planet, blanket the whole planet in imaginary love, visualise it. Every evening before you go to sleep and every morning after waking up spread imaginary love over the whole planet. If enough of us engage in this activity I guarantee there’ll be a positive change happening in this world.

I really welcome your thoughts on this. Let me know if you’re in!





I’m sure we all know someone who’s not well with a cold, chill or even the flu at the moment. Don’t wait for yourself to join them with being sick, be proactive! There’s a lot one can do to say well over the colder months of the year. Keep reading and feel free to share your own ideas.

Eat well!

No sugar, no processed food, lots of vegetables prepared in any way you like it, protein from fish, eggs, chicken, beef, lamb …., nuts and seeds, good healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado, clarified butter and olive oil, some fruit, dairy only if well tolerated, no or only small amounts of grains and gluten. Add garlic and onions to your daily menu.

Bone Broth

Bone Broth warms your body and soul. Make it out of bones from your roast or you can also buy bones for your broth. Chicken, beef, lamb or fish bones are great to use. Supplies you with lots of minerals, keeps your gut healthy and functioning, contains gelatin and other healing components and supports your immune system. If you’re unwell and don’t feel like eating anything it’s a good idea to go on a bone broth fast for a few days. Or to just give your digestive system a break and support your immune system I do recommend doing a 3 day bone broth fast. Drink bone broth, herbal teas and water. Recipe for chicken bone broth click here

Vitamin C rich food

We all know that Vitamin C is essential for our immune system. Just the right time in winter when Citrus fruits are available. Every day have a hot lemon drink, and a few other citrus fruit. Apart from Citrus fruit Cabbage and all vegetables from the Brassica family are rich in Vitamin C, load your dinner plate full with those hardy winter cabbages. Don’t forget the humble potato! Rich in Vitamin C!

Fermented Foods and Drinks

Fermented food like Sauerkraut and Kimchi are rich in Vitamin C, but as it’s fermented it’s also rich in probiotics. Probiotics support a healthy immune system, detoxifies the body, aids digestion and have many more benefits. If Sauerkraut or kimchi is not your favourite then try some coconut water kefir, fermented coconut water.

Nourishing Food like soups and stews

I do hope you’ve got your crock pot on your kitchen bench now that we’re in the middle of winter. Use it! Fill it with slow cooking meat, all sorts of vegetables, spices and herbs and let your slow cooker do the rest to develop full flavour. Easy to digest for your body, provides you with protein and good fat, has as many vegetables in it as you like, low stress as you can prepare it ahead of time.

Walks in nature

Exercise is always important, just because it’s colder is no excuse to not get outside. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “there’s no bad weather only inappropriate clothing”. We’re so lucky in NZ to have bush walks at our finger tips, access to beaches and regional parks. Grab the family and friends and set out for a brisk walk. Gets your body used to the cold, gets your blood moving and warms your body. Try to spend time in the sun without sun protection, in summer and in winter. Not to get a sunburn, but to produce Vitamin D. Unfortunately we don’t produce enough Vitamin D in the NZ winter sun, therefore you have to make sure that you get enough during summer. Vitamin D gets stored for up to 3 months in your body. But I recommend for people that are not getting outside enough to get their vitamin D levels checked! Vitamin D is important for a proper immune system, but also for the regulation of your body weight and your mental health!


Do I have to say more? Make sure you get a good night’s sleep! Every night! Even just one night with not enough sleep can reduce the strength of your immune system and could be the cause for your next cold or flu!

Warming drinks with ginger, cinnamon, turmeric or hot lemon drinks

Heat your body from the inside out! Use those amazing spices in drinks and cooking to fight off infections and to keep well.


If the cold or flu has already started in your household then really look after yourself. Rest as much as you need, take all or some of the following to support your immune system: Vitamin C, Zinc, Olive leaf extract, EpiCor, Echinacea, Golden Seal, colloidal silver and various essential oils.