Patricia’s approach is based on common sense,  life experience, scientific studies  and research.

With Equilibrium Patricia is going back to the basics of healthy food as a healthy and nourishing diet is one of the key factors to wellbeing. Most of today’s modern health issues can be dramatically improved by eating what’s right for you.

But what to eat you might wonder when you listen to all the often opposing information about food?

It is surprisingly simple. Patricia’s focus is on real, natural and unprocessed food. The label that we give our food doesn’t matter, what matters is what you put in your body. The focus is on food that heals and nourishes your body and soul. With a few sessions you will learn how to make the right choices around food and you’ll get rid of any confusion.

Patricia is working with people of all ages and all kinds of health issues. From pre-conception through to old age.

Depending on your goals and personal situation Patricia will work with you to find a program and suitable tasty recipes that suit you. You have the option of booking in for a one off consultation if you just have a few questions, but for anyone else Patricia’s recommending to book in for a Total Wellness Package and subsequent follow up appointments as it gives us time to tackle your nutrition step by step, meal by meal and week by week. This way you’ll get support for as many weeks as you need until you have reached your goal.

This will lead to your body’s optimum health, stimulate your physical and mental energy, reduce cravings, encourage ideal weight and satisfy your desire for delicious meals.

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