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To the ones I love

I’m worried, I’m worried a lot. About your mental health. About your spiritual health. About your physical health. About the children. About you being able to work in your chosen occupation. About you and me being able to speak our truth without the fear of being judged, targeted or ridiculed. About us as parents being […]

Destroy fear with love

  What to do if you feel powerless in the face of fear-creating news? Destroy Fear with Love – Spread Love over the whole planet! I am not accepting it anymore to be brainwashed with negativity that creates fear. I will actively do something against it. And I want to invite you to do the […]

Winter Wellness Guide

    I’m sure we all know someone who’s not well with a cold, chill or even the flu at the moment. Don’t wait for yourself to join them with being sick, be proactive! There’s a lot one can do to say well over the colder months of the year. Keep reading and feel free […]

What does your rubbish say about your health?

Every Thursday is rubbish day in my street. On this day bright orange rubbish bags decorate the footpath and the berm. You can choose between smaller 40 liter bags and bigger 60 liter bags, most households have the bigger ones. Some households have only one bag outside, some have two, some even four or five. […]