My name is Patricia Smith, qualified NUTRITIONIST (B.Sc.), TOUCH FOR HEALTH PRACTITIONER, registered KINESIOLOGIST and YOGA TEACHER and also a mother to three beautiful young men.

My mission is to create space for you and support you with the right tools to achieve vibrant health and balance.

I am passionate about helping you to find and clear physical and emotional blockages in yourself for optimum energy and energy flow.

Healthy eating and living has been a lifelong passion and interest of mine, leading me to study Human Nutrition in Germany and working in the health industry overseas before settling with my Kiwi husband in New Zealand some years ago. 10 years ago I added my Yoga Teacher certificate and Yoga teaching to my tool box and since 2017 also Touch for Health Kinesiology.

Studying HUMAN NUTRITION has given me the scientific background for my knowledge. But ongoing reading and research has deepened but also changed my understanding of nutrition.

On top of all my theoretical knowledge I have lots of practical experience with plenty of clients and also raising a family in the 21st century. This provides me with plenty of real life experience on how to make a healthy diet a reality for busy families.

After watching my mother pass away as a result of cancer at the age of 65 I was more determined than ever to live healthily and to make the best choices I can for my own health. And seeing others in the world suffering with disease as a direct result of diet fueled my desire to help and to support people with sound nutritional advice.


Since 2017 I’m working with Touch for Health Kinesiology – giving me the tool of muscle testing to talk to your body and to find out what’s really going on. Be it allergies or sensitivities,  emotional trauma, mood disorders, learning difficulties, digestive issues, weight issues, and more serious conditions … Touch for Health Kinesiology can always help to create balance in your body. This way your bodies ability to heal itself, giving the right tools and support, will provide you with vibrant health and energy.

In addition to my Nutritional Studies I undertook YOGA TEACHER TRAINING in 2009 and finished as a qualified Yoga teacher in July 2011.

I have enjoyed teaching countless Yoga classes until 2021, but have now paused teaching to focus on my Kinesiology.

But the knowledge I gained on so many levels from being a Yoga teacher will always stay with me and flow into my work. I will always be grateful to my own Yoga teachers and especially to my wonderful students that came and went and the ones that stayed with me for many years.