Procrastination and why I like it

First blog! My topic of choice: Procrastination.

Procrastination is a nice way of saying that this website has been in the making for a looooong time, since October 2014 to be exact. I’m a procrastinator (my husband tells me often), but a very happy one 🙂 Because I believe things happen for a certain reason and at the right time.

So, if it took me so long to finish this little website, there must have been a reason for this.

Yes, I’m busy with family, work, looking after myself and so on, but I could have made time to finish this off many months ago. But I didn’t! No excuses, I’m not blaming somebody else, it’s all my doing. No, I’m not upset that it took me almost 20 months to get it done, but I’m feeling quite excited now that it is ready.

And why I’m not upset that it took me so long, you might ask? Because I believe I would not have been ready for it, would not have done it the way I’ve done it now, would not have been ready for the increase in work through having a website. With running it and keeping it updated with recipes, etc. and also with hopefully an increase in clients for my services. Now is the right moment.

What is the downside of procrastination? For me it’s really only that “it” was looming above me, or walking beside me, or I hid it in the cupboard and when I opened the door it fell out and made a mess for a while. I knew I had to deal with “it” but I wasn’t.

The upside was I did all the other little and big things that were supposedly easier first while putting “it” off. I researched a bit more, gave it more thoughts and then had a bit more knowledge and information and hopefully did a better job of finishing “it”. I also  just kept myself busy, to avoid finishing. I kept myself busy with looking after myself, family and friends, more Yoga teaching, trying out more recipes, going on a holiday or even just for a long walk. Good procrastination! Therefore my final product, my website is most likely a bit better than it would have been 20 months ago. This is coming back to things happen at the right time for the right reason. No need to rush, to force or to beat ourselves up about it.

This leads me to changing lifestyle habit, like exercise, healthy eating, starting Yoga or meditation. I had quite a few people contacting me and telling me that they had my phone number since 6 months stuck to their fridge! They feel bad, make excuses and I just say “now must be the right time for you”. If the right time would have been 6 months ago, then they would have called up then. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Trust yourself and the universe for helping to look after you. Changing habits is not an easy one and the time has to be right! So, please no guilt feelings, trust yourself for choosing the right moment. Think about it, talk to a few people and somehow what you need will show up at the right time and the right place. Trust yourself and the working of the universe! Always worked for me. There are still other things I’m procrastinating with …. de-cluttering my house and to meditate regularly. Will keep you updated!

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