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Wild Pesto

Traditionally, Pesto is made with basil, garlic, olive oil and pine nuts. But you can go much more creative than this, you can even go WILD and use all sorts of weeds. That's what I did today - weedy pesto. Here's the recipe with half basil and half weeds, weeds from your garden or any other safe and clean place. The picture is of the weeds I was using today. Weeds are so full of important health giving nutrients and taste much better than you might think.

Green leafy vegetables

If you already have your greens prepared ahead of time from the "Green leafy vegetables to use in other recipes" then this is a quick and easy side dish of leafy greens. Tastes great with "Pesto chicken". Also a great filling for omelettes or just as a side to some scrambled eggs or fried eggs.

Green leafy vegetables to use in other recipes

If you have an abundance of any greens in your garden it's a great idea to not let them go to waste. Prepared in a way as it's explained here, you can keep them either in the fridge for a couple of days or freeze them for later use. Use for frittata with greens, stir fries, greens in creamy garlic sauce or in a soup with all sorts of vegetables.

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