Are you ready to step into your power as your primary care provider and take charge of your and the health and wellbeing of your loved ones?

With TFH you’ll learn how to help you to create changes in your energy, posture, attitudes, choices, emotions, and actions which will allow balance among the physical, chemical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of your whole Soul.

John Thie, the chiropractor and family man who developed TFH in 1979, points out the following main goals of the TFH program:

  • Increase your vitality
  • Discover your TELOS, your reason for being
  • Consistently achieve your personal best
  • Enhance your healing and recovery
  • Discover and develop your natural healing ability
  • Augment your exciting self-care and health-care practice
  • Find a new level of health control

Are you ready?

This is what you’ll learn in TFH level I – IV

  • The art of muscle testing
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of the five elements
  • 14 meridian energy flow and their relationship to organs and 42 muscles
  • Emotional Stress Release – clearing past, current and future stressors
  • Balancing points – blood, lymph and spinal nerve correction
  • Balancing techniques – with touch, colour, pressure, sounds and emotions
  • Food sensitivities and food that strengthens your system
  • Pain techniques
  • And much more!

Touch for Health is organised into 4 levels, each level is taught in two full days, usually on a weekend.


$495 per weekend course or $1790 pre-pay all four levels.
Includes TFH book, TFH workbook and final certification after level 4


Patricia Smith 021 991 989

TFH Intro workshop:

Date: TBC

In this 2 hours Intro workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Patricia and get a first taste of Touch for Health and what it is all about.

What to expect:

  • Learn what TFH is
  • Learn the basics of muscle testing
  • Demonstration of a balance for one lucky person (name drawn on the evening)
  • “14 muscle dance” to balance all of us
  • Light refreshments will be provided

Investment for the TFH Intro workshop is $25 per person.