Patricia’s Yoga background:

Since my early twenties I had a strong interest in Yoga and visited many different Yoga classes, wherever I was living I gave Yoga a go. That went on for almost twenty years, with sometimes more and sometimes less Yoga in my life.

Approaching my forties I had the strong urge to train as a Yoga teacher to learn more about the ancient science of Yoga for myself. From the very first moment I loved the training, it felt like a home coming and finally following my heart’s calling!

I trained with Amanda Reid, director of Samadhi Family Yoga and am trained in Yoga for pregnancy, infants through to adolescents and Yoga for adults and athletes.

Last year I studied applied anatomy and physiology with Simon Borg-Oliver from Yoga Synergy in Sydney, which has increased my knowledge of Yoga postures, movements, bodywork, breathing and diet immensely.

I’m going to regular Yoga classes with other great Yoga teachers and continue to learn, with various workshops, Yoga conferences, online studies, etc. to make sure that I’m the best teacher I can be.

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