Ready to commit to total health? This is for you! What will we uncover and work on in those 8 sessions?

  • The most individually tailored plan for your personal wellbeing
  • 5 sessions between 90 and 120 minutes each. Those sessions are around 3 weeks apart
  • 3 sessions for around 30 minutes each. Those sessions will be in between the other sessions
  • Finding and correcting all of your nutrient deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein)
  • Finding allergies and correcting what we can correct (airborne like pollen, mould, etc., food, animal hair)
  • Individual testing and advice on how to eat for your personal best health
  • Testing and balancing of 53 different organs and tissues in your body and working out what they need for optimal functioning
  • Supplement recommendations that are tailored to your needs
  • Testing of all your own supplements
  • Emotional balancing with TFH
  • Full session summary after each session with findings, healing done and recommendations to move forward
  • At least 2 food journal evaluations
  • Support throughout the time that we work together. Phone, email, whatever and whenever needed

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